“Take over the steering”

Beal High School Year 9 Options Site


This site is designed to help Year 9 students make the right choice of KS4 courses.

Here, you can find out about the courses you must study next year and those you can choose as options. You can also download documents and, after you've explored the possibilities, complete your official options form.

We wish you all the best with your decision-making

Y. Andress (Director of Upper School)


Who will help me?

  • Although it's good to talk to your friends, do not make the mistake of choosing the same courses as them. Choose the courses for YOU!
  • Talk to the teachers that know you best - Form Tutor, Head of Year......
  • Talk to the subject teachers and ask them what they think.

Key Staff

Director of Upper School: Ms Y Andress
Director of Achievement & Progress: Ms L Spry
Deputy Director of A & P: Ms S Kwan
Deputy Director of A & P: Ms Z Tauheed
SENCo: Ms M Savva
Head of Wellbeing: Ms V Chadwick
Head of EMA: Mr M Kinsman
Principal of BBIH: Ms T Canaii
Upper School Administrator: Ms B Jivraj

Make My Choices

Complete the sections below and then press the "Test My Options" button when you are ready. All students must complete the left-hand side. Only students interested in off site courses should complete the right-hand side

Tick the options you want, making sure that the total time (given by the number in brackets) adds up to 25 periods. You must have special permission if your total time adds up to less than 25. After ticking your choices, press the "Test My Options" button to go further.



Humanities - included in English Baccalaureate:

Humanities - not included in English Baccalaureate:

Creative & Expressive:

I.C.T. Based:

Special Arrangements and Foundation Learning:

When you are ready, press "Test My Options"


This section will be filled after you have made your choices and pressed the Test My Options button

Your Chosen Courses

Study Time

Course Combinations

Course Families


Can I proceed?


Before completing your options form, make sure you make good use of the resources which have been specially prepared for you:

The ME Board

Me Board

Visit the ME Board

You probably feel as though you have only just got used to life at secondary school and now someone is asking you to choose your Key Stage 4 options. How will you choose what subjects to study? How will you decide which courses are right for you? Visit the ME Board and have some fun whilst learning a little about yourself!

Career Pilot

Career Pilot

Visit the Career Pilot website

The Career Pilot website provides advice about career pathways at 14, 16 and 18.

The Beal Options Booklet

Options Booklet

View or download the Beal Options Booklet

The official Beal Options Booklet covers everything you need to know about the choices you have to make and how to make them. It contains detailed information about all the compulsory and optional subjects.

Which Way Now?

Which Way Now?

View or download the Which Way Now? booklet

The Which Way Now? booklet contains help and advice in glorious colour and includes interesting real-life interviews with students who have been through the Year 9 Options process.